Three Signs Your Wheel Seals Are Going Bad

Part of a commercial vehicle or RV safety includes the wheel seals. These seals fit tightly in the wheel assemblies to protect the wheel bearings from debris, dirt, water, or other road hazards that can damage the bearings and assembly. The seals also protect the grease inside of the wheel bearings so it can continue to keep the bearings cool and running smoothly. Wheel seals need regular maintenance, and Fleet Truck & RV will list three signs below that indicate your seals are going bad.

Grease Leaks

As we just mentioned, the wheel seals keep the bearing grease inside the bearings so it can do its job. If the seals are breaking down, have cracked, or have separated somewhat or completely from the wheel, the grease inside the bearings will leak out. This not only damages the wheel bearings but also causes the grease to leak all over your wheels, tires, and the ground. Leaking grease could also be a sign of CV boot failure, so it’s best to have this issue checked out and fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Broken Seals

If you are thorough in your pre-route inspections and commercial vehicle maintenance, and if you have your RV inspected before every family road trip, broken wheel seals will be spotted at that time. Broken seals are not always visible to the naked eye, which is why the wheels are inspected during tire rotations, brake services, and suspension inspections. The roads themselves can break your seals. Potholes, road debris, and even severely torn up byways can damage the seals beyond repair.

Tire/Wheel Noise

Finally, because the seals are tasked with keeping the grease inside the wheel bearings, broken or leaking wheel seals will cause tire and wheel noise. As the bearings dry out, they wear down and are damaged. You’ll hear grinding or roaring coming from the wheels because of the bearing damage. This noise will increase the faster you go, which makes sense because the wheel rotations increase at higher speeds. This sign should send you straight to a mechanic, as the longer you drive, the more you damage the wheel bearings.

Located in Great Falls, MT, Fleet Truck & RV Repair can inspect, repair, or replace your seals. We work with commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks and recreational vehicles. Contact us, and we’ll set up an appointment that works best with your schedule. We’d be happy to make sure your wheels, including the seals, are safe and ready to roll.

Photo by RalphCoulter from Getty Images via Canva Pro