Big Rig Driving Safety Tips for Spring Showers

Fleet Truck & RV Repair can make sure that your rig is ready for the dangerous conditions that accompany spring showers. We can maintain your rig to make sure it can handle the wet roads, and we’d also like to offer some safe driving tips below to help prevent you from getting into an accident on the wet roads. When it comes to your spring routes, think wet roads require added safety measures.

No Distractions

Avoiding distractions is one of the most important safe driving tips we can offer. Don’t even turn the key in the ignition until you’ve put your cell phone on do not disturb, entered any data into your navigation system, filled out your driving logs, and have all of your snacks and drinks within your reach. Only then should you fire up your rig and head out on your route.

This Means Music, Too

Listening to the radio helps stave boredom when you’re hauling all day long, but it’s important to keep the radio volume down so you can hear what’s going on around you. For example, if you cannot hear an emergency vehicle coming up from behind, your radio is too loud. Keep the volume down so you maintain your focus on the road.

Take Your Time

As the refreshing spring showers pour down, you know that the roads get slick and oily. You need to maintain your traction, and one of the most common ways to lose traction is to accelerate or decelerate too quickly. Take it easy when you press down on the accelerator and clutch and when you downshift to decelerate and brake.

Don’t Tailgate

Your stopping distance increases on wet roads, so make sure to leave plenty of space between you and the traffic in front of you. Play it extra safe. Leave at least seven seconds of distance, but it’s a good idea to leave even more when it’s raining. Remember, the roads are slick and you need plenty of distance to slow down and stop your rig.

Slow Down

We know it’s hard to stay on schedule when it’s raining because the most important thing you can do is slow down. Even though the posted speed limit is considered to be safe for big rigs, it’s important to drive much slower than that when you’re in the middle of a spring shower. Reduce your speed significantly when it’s raining.

No Cruise

If your rig has cruise control, don’t use it on wet roads. The reason why you shouldn’t use this system is that you cannot feel your rig hydroplaning as easily when the cruise control is on. Rather, you stay in control of your rig so you can sense any loss of traction. Using your engine brake can also cause your rig to lose traction during spring showers.

No Risks

Finally, don’t take unnecessary chances even if it does mean you get behind schedule. If the spring showers turn into a spring deluge, pull over and wait out the storm. It’s not worth trying to drive in severe weather because you increase your chances of getting into an accident.

Before you head out on your next route, call Fleet Truck & RV Repair in Great Falls, MT, to schedule a rig inspection and maintenance.