Dangers to Avoid When Long-Hauling Over Thanksgiving Weekend

If you’ve decided to grab a long-haul route over Thanksgiving weekend for the extra money, make sure to be extra careful on the road. As you know, this weekend puts millions of drivers on the highways that normally wouldn’t be traveling. This makes your job as a truck driver even more difficult than it already is. Fleet RV & Truck Repair lists some dangers to watch out for and thanks you for what you do.


People get into more accidents over Thanksgiving weekend because they’re in a rush, there’s a ton of traffic, and some people are drunk. Drivers are also distracted and, as usual, they don’t pay attention to the limitations of your big rig. Know your rig and what it can handle. Drive defensively with these limitations in mind to help you avoid other drivers that pose a risk to your semi-truck and trailer.


Don’t drive distracted yourself. Yes, you’re working over a holiday weekend that you would rather be spending with your family, but this does not excuse texting while you drive or talking on the phone. Keep your eyes on the road, alert for potential trouble, and call the family when you’ve stopped for a rest. Don’t fiddle with your radio or other controls, either, because this takes your eyes off the road.


Pushing through the long-haul beyond your physical limitations is dangerous. Respect the number of hours you are allowed to drive each day and take rests when you need them. It isn’t worth an accident to drive when you’re exhausted. Stop for the night each night to sleep solidly so you get there and back safely. Other drivers will be more aggressive than usual and you need to be alert to react to danger.


Depending on where you long haul takes you, be prepared for inclement weather along the way. Stay abreast of weather reports so you know in advance if you’re going to get into trouble somewhere. If you can, reroute yourself around bad weather. If you can’t, make sure to slow down and drive according to the weather conditions. Watch for others who don’t know how to drive in inclement weather, as well.

Mechanical Failure

Finally, plan to hit more stop-and-go traffic than you normally do and get your rig prepared for it. Have the entire rig inspected for potential problems and serviced. With the added stress of holiday weekend traffic and crazy drivers, you must rely on your rig to respond quickly to any potential danger. In addition, you don’t want to get stranded with mechanical trouble and be late getting back home.

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Image by Valter Cirillo from Pixabay