Don’t Damage Your RV By Doing These 8 Things

Despite its size, an RV can be damaged very easily. In some cases, it’s the owner of the RV damages it, even though he or she did not intend to do so. Fleet Truck & RV Repair can keep your RV road-ready with preventative maintenance and repair when it needs it. Avoid doing these eight things so you don’t damage your RV before, during, or after your trip.

Forgetting the Fifth Wheel Pin

If you have a fifth wheel instead of an RV, don’t forget to insert the fifth wheel safety pin. This pin secures the trailer to the tow hitch. If you forget to insert the pin, your trailer could crash into your towing vehicle’s rails or separate completely from your towing vehicle.

Storing the RV Off the Ground

Don’t jack your RV up off the ground when you store it. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t protect the tires but it does damage your RV. The jacks are not designed to carry the RV’s weight indefinitely, and they will collapse eventually. They also damage the RV body.

Bolting Down the Furniture

It’s easy to get frustrated when your RV’s furniture slides all over the place on a winding road, but bolting it down can cause some serious damage to your RV’s floor. The furniture must be bolted properly using the correct hardware to avoid this damage.

Letting the Microwave Turntable Turn Into a Discus

Depending on your travels, some roads can be winding and the motion will unintentionally turn your microwave oven’s turntable into a discus, especially if the microwave door opens easily. Remove the turntable when you aren’t using and store it securely.

Forgetting the Wheel Chocks

The first thing you should after pulling into camp is to secure your RV with wheel chocks. Even if you’ve just stopped at a store to pick up supplies, securing the wheels ensures your RV doesn’t roll forward or backward and hit something or someone.

Overstuffing the Refrigerator

If you overstuff your RV’s refrigerator, you’re sure to have a mess on your hands. Make sure to fill the refrigerator only to its capacity and secure food items using refrigerator bars. Also, make certain the refrigerator door secures tightly each time you shut it.

Leaving Leftover Dried Goods in the RV After Your Trip

It might seem harmless to store leftover dried goods in your RV after your trip, but you’re sure to attract pests by doing this. Always make sure to clean everything out of the RV once you’re back home. This prevents the disgusting mess of food accidentally left in the fridge.

Choosing Different-Sized Tires

Finally, never make the mistake of choosing different-sized tires for your RV or fifth wheel. Even if you only need to replace one tire, make certain that tire is the same size as the other tires. This keeps the load even on all tires and helps prevent blowouts.

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Photo by Canva Pro