DOT and Scan Tool

When you drive a recreational vehicle or heavy duty truck, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. These vehicles are so large, and so complex, that even the smallest deficiency could put you, your passengers and those around you at risk. If something is not right with your large truck or RV, you need to find the problem fast, and the first step toward doing that is a conducting a comprehensive diagnosis and DOT scan.

DOT Inspections Available

DOT inspections or your federal annual inspections are required every year. We can handle all your DOT inspections on both truck and trailers. We will inspect your vehicle and give you estimates for everything we find wrong. We will also handle all the paper work too.

The Right Diagnostic Tools for RV and Heavy Duty Truck Owners

Finding the problem is not so easy, especially for drivers of recreational vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. A single symptom can have a large number of causes, and isolating the issues is not a simple matter.

If you want to find out what is going on with your RV or heavy duty truck, you need the right diagnostic equipment, but you also need a repair shop with highly trained personnel. Our highly trained and experienced technicians know how to read the codes, and they know how to turn those code readings into a firm repair plan.

The Power of Prevention

Determining the root cause of a problem is not an easy process, but the right diagnostic tools can make the process simpler. Once we have isolated the problem with our state of the art diagnostic tools and code readers, we will develop a comprehensive plan for fixing the deficiency and getting you back on the road safely.

At the same time, we will provide recommendations for preventative maintenance to your RV or heavy duty truck, so you can head off future problems before they can impact your business or interfere with your fun. Whether you are driving your RV across the country, heading out to the mountains for a weekend adventure or maintaining a fleet of heavy duty trucks for your business, we can provide the service you need to stay on the road longer and operate your vehicle safely.

Is Your Warning Light On

From RVs to heavy duty trucks and everywhere in between, modern vehicles are marvels of technology. These multipurpose vehicles are loaded with sensors and computers, each designed to warn the driver when something goes wrong.

DOT Service Near Me

If a warning light on your dash is illuminated, you cannot afford to wait. That warning light is there for a reason, and it has something to tell you. Just bring your vehicle in to our shop, where our highly trained technicians will read the code, determine what is wrong and put it right fast. You can rely on us for quality service, and we are always here to help.