Maintain Your Fleet Vehicles For These Four Reasons

Fleet Truck & RV Repair cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain your fleet vehicles. It’s easy to fall into the thought trap that you’ll save money if you don’t have maintenance work performed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maintaining your fleet saves you money and boosts your business. Don’t believe us? These four reasons explain our position better.

1. Operating Cost Reduction

The more efficiently your fleet runs, the less fuel and repair costs. It’s cheaper to replace a worn belt or hose than replace the parts damaged by that belt or hose. As with any vehicle, maintenance helps you avoid repairs. Sticking to an automobile manufacturer’s maintenance schedule doesn’t make us rich and you poor. Rather, it helps you avoid vehicle breakdown and keeps the engine running efficiently, so it doesn’t have to work as hard, i.e., it burns less fuel and gets better gas mileage.

2. Prevents Downtime

Let’s say you ignore your fleet’s recommended maintenance schedule, and one or more of your automobiles breaks down. Can you afford to have that automobile out of service while it’s being repaired? What if it breaks down during a crucial delivery? Can you afford to lose that customer? You’re in the fleet maintenance business, and although that entails many things, all your customers see is on time without trouble. Every vehicle that’s off the road takes away from your bottom line.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Your fleet is licensed and insured, and in most cases, maintenance is crucial toward compliance. For example, you cannot afford to lose your license over unsafe vehicles. You probably can’t afford insurance claims, either, especially if vehicle failure caused an accident. When regulated by local, state, and federal authorities, there are all kinds of hoops you must jump through to comply with regulations. Fail to comply with one, and you lose your license and/or insurance coverage.

4. Happy Customers

Customer loyalty goes a long way even though we live in an online world. When you keep your customers happy, they come back. Not only do they come back, they tell others about your business. This brings in new customers, and, well, you get the gist. Make this about you. If you call for a car, you want it there on-time, and you want it to get you where you’re going on-time. If you order delivery, you want it there on-time. Avoid mishaps with a healthy fleet to retain your customer base.

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