Restore Peace During Your RV Trips

Family trips on the road can turn into the most miserable times. Between cranky, impatient kids and tired adults, fights ensue that ruin every family vacation. You can avoid this. It just takes a different approach toward your next RV trip. With the holidays here, Fleet Truck & RV Repair would like to offer up some tips that help change the dynamic of the entire experience as you head out to celebrate. 

Plan Your Trip – No, Really Plan Your Trip

What do we mean by no, really plan your trip? Don’t just map it out through AAA or Google Maps. Set your route with the following in mind:

  • Will we hit bad weather?
  • Are there plenty of rest stops?
  • Are their things to do along the way each day?
  • Are their healthy eateries along the way?
  • Are their roadside services along the way?

When you plan your next RV trip how you get there isn’t the only thing you must consider. You must also consider the bulleted list above to achieve below.

Keep the Peace

Many things cause people to become irritated and start a fight. They include dehydration, fatigue, poor diet, and a sense of loss of safety. When you plan your trip, you should always ensure you have access, whether by stop or by stock in your RV, to the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Exercise
  • Fresh water
  • Healthy food and snacks

Now, let’s redefine your perception of some of the above. Entertainment does not mean allowing the kids to play games on their handheld devices all day. Exercise doesn’t mean the gym. Fresh water isn’t bottled water all day long, and healthy food and snacks are not always granola or protein bars.

Plan your trip around stops. Make the stops the focus of your trip. Don’t put yourself on a tight schedule that requires driving all day long each day to get to your destination. Find entertaining stops throughout each day and allow everyone to get out of the RV and move.

For example, if you’re driving north into Canada, there are plenty of hiking trails along the way that entertain and provide exercise. You can also find silly roadside tourist stops that offer fun things to do. Stopping several times throughout the day reduces fatigue and keeps everyone happy.

Food and drink are also crucial to a pleasant RV trip. Drink plenty of water – water, not anything else. Adults should avoid too much caffeine and alcohol, as these increase aggression and sour moods. Also, avoid junk food. Fatty, sugary foods increase aggression and depression.

Finally, avoid breakdowns and the anger that comes with them by having Fleet Truck & RV Repair in Great Falls, MT, inspect your RV before your trip. Roadside breakdowns instill fear in your family, so contact us today.