Start Off The New Year With These Three Crucial Maintenance Services

Your heavy-duty truck or RV might be due for some TLC maintenance in the New Year. Make a resolution to take care of the vehicle so you can count on it all year long. This is particularly important for those who use their heavy-duty trucks for work. The last thing you need on the jobsite or during a haul is for your truck to break down. Fleet Truck & RV Repair can help. We service and repair heavy-duty trucks, recreational vehicles, and semi-trailers. Here are three key services you should start the New Year off with.

1. Air System Inspection and Service

Heavy-duty trucks and most RVs use air brake systems to aid in slowing down and stopping the vehicles. This system needs regular maintenance to ensure there aren’t any problems because problems could equal an inability to stop the vehicle, and you don’t need us to tell you what could happen if you lose your brakes. Common air brake system problems include slow air pressure build caused by a leak or air compressor issues, air leaks, and oil or water in the air reservoir.

2. Oil Changes and Other Fluid Checks

You know that oil changes are the most important service for your car, and the same holds true for heavy-duty trucks and RVs. Depending on the driving conditions of your haul or how often you use the RV, the oil change schedule should be modified to ensure your engine is always as protected as it can be. Motor oil isn’t the only automobile fluid, however, and regular coolant and differential/transmission fluid checks and are also crucial to the health of your truck or RV.

3. Wheel Seal Inspection and Replacement

Your semi-truck and trailer’s wheel ends have seals that must pass inspection before you head out on your next haul. In fact, if your wheel seals do not pass inspection, the DOT will put your rig out of service. Common problems with wheel seals include damage, wear and tear, incorrect bearing adjustments, and failure to properly install and maintain them. Aside from being unable to complete your route, wheel seals also protect the wheel bearings, so they’re pretty darn important.

Make a New Year’s resolution with Fleet Truck & RV Repair in Great Falls, MT, to keep your truck and trailer or RV in tiptop operating condition all year long. We specialize in big rig and RV maintenance in Montana, and we’d be happy to service and repair your heavy-duty vehicle when it needs it.