Stop By Our Shop for Your Annual DOT Inspection

Don’t worry about your annual DOT inspection. We here at Fleet Truck & RV Repair have you covered; well, we have your truck covered. Your doctor can tell you if you’re in good enough shape to stay on the road; we can tell you if your rig is in good enough shape. If it isn’t, we can repair it so it passes the DOT inspection, which keeps it and you safe on your next route. Stop by our shop for your annual DOT check. Here’s some information that will help you through the process so you’ll pass the first time around.

You First

We like to educate our customers, so here are some of the things the Department of Transportation will check when they inspect your driving history and records. Things the DOT checks include

  • Your history of drug and alcohol use
  • Your driving records, including daily logs
  • Your Hours of Service documentation
  • Your health, via a doctor’s certificate
  • Your safety behind the wheel

They will even check to make sure you’ve never been caught without your seatbelt on. It’s important to show the DOT they can rely on you to be a safe truck driver on the road.

Your Truck Next

We can inspect your truck to make sure it passes its DOT inspection. Nothing gets passed us. When we inspect your rig, we look for any problems at all with your rigs

  • Braking system
  • Coupling
  • Exhaust and fuel system
  • Framing
  • Lights – all of them – even the signal lights
  • Loading and unloading capabilities
  • Suspension, including steering
  • Tires, wheels, and rims
  • Trailer bodies
  • Windshields, windows, and wipers

We will also go through your previous inspection reports to see if there is anything that has been problematic for you in the past. We also inspect hazmat haulers.

Pre-Inspection Inspection

Before you schedule your DOT inspection, make certain your rig doesn’t have any hidden problems that might result in an inspection failure. For example, check

  • Your entire rig for damage visible to the naked eye
  • All lights, including headlights and side lamps
  • Your engine belts, hoses, and pumps
  • Your brakes and tires
  • The horn
  • The inside of the cab

We can help you with this if you’d like. We are Fleet Truck & RV Repair, and we are located in Great Falls, MT. Call us today at 406-205-2697 to discuss your annual DOT inspection. We are here to help.

Photo by 1933bkk from Getty Images via Canva Pro