Travel Trailers

The last thing you need with a loaded trailer–full of camping gear, snacks, and anxious family members–is an unexpected layover in the middle of nowhere thanks to a flat tire or faulty brake lights. So, before you hit the highway, bring your RV into Fleet Truck & RV Repair of Great Falls and have our trained experts set you up for vacation domination.

Travel Trailer Tires

Even when your travel trailer is stationary, the tires are doing a lot of work. With that in mind, these tires are designed to be tougher and more durable than a standard vehicle’s. However, they also require more frequent maintenance and repair to keep them going.

Proper tire pressure is critical to maintaining the integrity of your travel trailer’s tires. If your pressure is too low, you are risking damage to the wheel and axle, overheating of the tire itself, or even a blowout. If the pressure is too high, your treds will wear out faster giving you less control.

The best way to avoid tire issues altogether is to bring your travel trailer into Fleet Truck & RV Repair for a full inspection. Our expert technicians will make sure your tires are safe and ready for your next roadtrip.

Brake Inspection and Repair

On the lightest vehicles, the brake system is one of the most important safety features. With parts designed to break down, this system requires regular maintenance to stay secure. And when you tow something like a travel trailer, the brakes take a beating.

Our comprehensive examination includes a check on drums, rotors, wheel cylinders, brake hardware and hoses, along with brake fluid level and leak checks. Don’t let worn out brake pads threaten your peace of mind when complete brake service is a convenient option and a phone call away.

Air Conditioning and Heating Service and Repair

One of the great things about travel trailers is the ability to travel comfortably. Part of that comfort comes with a properly working air conditioning and heating system. Rather than sweat it out or freeze all night, why not schedule an AC and heating system inspection and service before your next road trip?

The technicians at Fleet Truck & RV Repair want you to really enjoy your time on the road and are experts in travel trailers. Come see us for an accurate diagnosis and repair before you hit the road.

Travel Trailer Repair Near Me

Travel trailers require specialized care and technicians with experience and training dealing with their unique issues. From a simple tire inspection to complete brake service, we understand travel trailer repair and the care it requires. So, while you make that travel to-do list, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with Fleet Truck & RV Repair. We handle the travel trailer right here in Great Falls so you can manage everything else.