Truck Driver Safety Tips

Attention all truckers! You know you aren’t as appreciated as you should be by most people. You know if you get into an accident, the other driver will try to find a way to make it your fault. You know you have a lot riding on your rig, but nothing is more important than getting back home to your family safe and sound. How can you increase your safety on the road? Follow these truck driving safety tips and have your semi maintained and repaired by Fleet Truck & RV Repair.

Stick to Basic Safety Tips

There are some common “no-brainer” things that you should always employ when you are driving your rig, whether locally or cross-country. Always fasten your seatbelt and never use your cell phone while you are driving. Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs while you are driving or before or after. An alcoholic beverage might sound good at the end of the night, but it prevents good sleep. Always drive your speed limit, too. Not the car speed limit; the semi-truck speed limit.

Plan Your Route

Before you hit the road with your latest load, plan your route so you know what to expect each day. Make sure you account for road construction and gridlock. Also take into account the expected weather along the route from start to finish and then back again. It might be that you’d be safer to drive an alternate route to avoid bad weather or construction. Also plan places to get good rest and eat healthy meals. Junk food will make you tired behind the wheel.

Know Your Truck

Always know your truck’s dimension and the size and weight of your load and use those figures to calculate the space cushion around your semi. Bear in mind, you know your space cushion but other drivers do not, so do what you can to keep the traffic in front of and behind you at bay. Also know your stopping distance and make certain you never tailgate. Stopping distances change between loads, so make sure you always give yourself plenty of time to stop.

Finally, this one is also a no-brainer but always slow down for curves, traffic, and road hazards among other things. Hitting a curve too fast could jackknife your truck. Always mind how you handle your big rig to avoid losing control, and always keep it maintained for optimal safety. Fleet Truck & RV Repair in Great Falls, MT, can help you with the latter.