What Are the Common Causes of RV Accidents?

The last thing Fleet Truck & RV Repair wants to have happen is for you to get into an automobile accident when you are traveling in your RV. One of the most important things you can do to avoid RV accidents is to keep your recreational vehicle in top operating order. Knowing what causes RV accidents also helps you to avoid them. Let’s talk about your recreational vehicle and the ways you can ensure you always have a safe trip when you take it out on the road.

Common RV Accident Causes

Recreational vehicles are oftentimes more than their drivers can handle despite their best efforts. This is a common cause of RV accidents. Inexperienced drivers might think they know how to navigate in the much larger vehicle, but they quickly find that they are in over their heads. It’s important to understand the vehicle, its size, and how to drive it safely. The reason why explains itself in the other causes of RV accidents listed below. They are

  • Driving too fast for the RV and road conditions
  • Failure to see vehicles in the RV’s blind spots
  • High winds that push the RV around
  • Inexperienced, senior, or tired drivers
  • Miscalculated turns or stopping distances
  • Overloading the RV or loading it unevenly
  • Rollovers caused by higher centers of gravity

As you can see, if you do not know how to handle your RV you will easily get into an accident. You cannot drive a large vehicle as fast as you can your car. You can’t stop on a dime in these vehicles either. A combination of errors, such as speeding in an overloaded RV, will make it nearly impossible to stop quickly and increase the risk of rolling the RV over if you lose control. For novices, it’s important to take short, safe trips first to give you experience driving your recreational vehicle.

Maintenance Can Help

As with any automobile, your RV needs preventative maintenance to keep it operating at its best. Taking the scenario listed above, imagine if you added to that a brake system that has not been maintained. Assume for a moment that the system has an air leak. This will make it almost certain that you will not be able to stop your RV and you will be the cause of what could be a serious accident. It’s a good rule of thumb to always have your RV inspected before you leave for a trip.

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Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro