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Preventive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is always important for all kinds of vehicles, but it is even more crucial for fleets and RVs. Not only does your fleet require a normal oil change and transmission check, but it may also require a number of specialized tune-ups as well. We provide all sorts of services, from wheel seals to oil changes and air system maintenance, and more.

Brakes and Wheel Seals heavy duty brake repair great falls mt

Brakes And Wheel Seals

Everyone knows that the brakes are the most important in regular vehicles, imagine how crucial the care and maintenance of the brakes and wheel seals in fleets of heavy-duty trucks are. We can create a preventative maintenance schedule for your fleet, as well as emergency brake servicing where we can come to you. Schedule an appointment or give us a call today!

air system repair

Air System Repair

A well-functioning air system is a need when it comes to heavy-duty trucks and other fleet vehicles. Drivers need it to stay comfortable and cool in challenging weather. Our expert team can also perform a pre-trip check on your vehicle’s air systems so you can travel with total peace of mind. We are your heavy-duty truck fleet & RV experts and you can trust us!


Suspension And Alignment

RVs and heavy-duty trucks are very hard to navigate, even in the best environments. Potholes and rocky terrain are some of the factors that can damage even the best suspension and alignment systems, making it even harder and more dangerous to work with. If your RV or fleet is showing signs of wear and tear and other suspension and alignment problems, call us and schedule an appointment today.

Mobile Service Repair

Sudden breakdowns during a trip can catch you unprepared on the side of the road. Many traditional repair shops aren’t equipped or even big enough to fix large vehicles like yours. Towing your fleet vehicle can also be costly or even impossible. That is why we provide mobile service repair. Just contact us, we will send one of our experts to come to assist you to get back on the road.

check engine light

Scan Tool & Engine Lights

Is a warning light on in the dash of your fleet vehicle lit? When there is a problem with a heavy duty vehicle, it is very important that the problem is found as soon as possible so it can be fixed. Our certified expert technicians can hook your vehicle up to our diagnostic equipment and turn code into repair plans to get your fleet vehicle functioning perfectly and back on the road fast. Call Today!

The Latest Tools and Diagnostics to Maintain Your Fleet!

Trust the experienced and highly trained team at Fleet Truck & RV Repair to maintain your fleet! Whether you have an RV, semi or heavy-duty truck, we can offer maintenance, repairs and more, specialized for your vehicle.

From oil changes and brake system repairs to suspension services and air conditioning systems, we can do them all! When it comes to truck repair, Great Falls drivers prefer the service at Fleet Truck & RV Repair.

If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, call us for 24-hour mobile roadside repairs! Don’t feel stuck with your RV, large truck or fleet vehicle; we can get you back on the road promptly and safely with our mobile repair services.

With our leading diagnostics, we can offer solutions to any issue. We can also offer DOT inspections to keep your fleet in order.

RV Repair

You purchased your RV to enjoy time with loved ones on the road. That can be hard to do that when your RV’s engine is showing signs of trouble or your brakes are feeling soft. Our technicians are experts when it comes to RV maintenance and repair. If you suspect an issue, or just want an inspection before you load up your family for that summer road trip, bring your RV to Fleet Truck & RV Repair and we’ll get you safely on the road.

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