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No one wants a summer road trip to get derailed by an overheated engine or major component failure, but when you add an RV to the equation (complete with camping gear and anxious passengers) the image gets even more grim. So, before you load up, take your RV to a technician and have trained experts set you up for vacation victory. Fleet Truck and RV is proud to offer a full range of Great Falls RV repair and maintenance services so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

RV Engine and Transmission Service

Regardless of your driving frequency–once a year or every weekend–a functional RV needs its oil changed. Old, grimy lubricant can clog engine components, making overheating a matter of when, not if. Not to mention, the cost (in time and money) of repairing a damaged engine eclipses that of a simple oil change. And since our team has this vital maintenance task down to a science, we can get you in and out before the kids turn on each other.

To complement this service and give you ultimate peace of mind, our mechanics can evaluate your transmission. With the most current diagnostics and technology available, we can help you bypass inconvenient and costly repairs by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular maintenance. Like the engine, a transmission relies on clean lubricant. Why risk it when a little pre-planning and certified mechanics are all you need for secure travel?

RV Chassis Service

Part of the excitement of road travel involves listening to your favorite music or watching movies while you cruise long stretches of highway. If you hear and feel every bump along the way, your comfortable commute feels anything but. When this happens, the culprit is likely the chassis, so have the underside of your RV inspected by professionals regularly. Even if it gets high marks, you’ll start the trip with one less thing to worry about.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Weighing much more than average vehicles, an RV’s brakes need to stay at peak levels to keep you and your loved ones safe. More importantly, this system has parts that wear out by design, making regular maintenance a must. Our comprehensive brake system check includes eyes on drums, hoses, wheel cylinders, rotors, and brake hardware. To complete the process, we check and fill brake fluid and examine the area for leaks.

Massive vehicles like RVs demand specialized care. From small tasks like oil changes to complex transmission rebuilds, you need technicians who understand the unique issues these models face. So, make sure these basic services top your pre-travel to-do list. Call us today to schedule an appointment and see what make us the best RV repair in Great Falls.

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